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About Us

It's our pleasure to present the UK #1 Fast growing online flooring supplier - UKFLOORINGCOMPANY.

UKflooringcompany works with leading manufacturers and importers across the world.

Ukflooringcompany also creates a strong partnership with the Local flooring Branding distributors.

Why choose us?

We offer the lowest price.

- We guarantee the UK #1 Lowest price.

- Price match is available

We offer the best quality flooring. 

- Premium European Engineered Wood Flooring                                                                           

- 100% Waterproof Luxury Vinyl, Rigid Core Flooring

- Classic Best quality Solid Wood Flooring

- Popular Trending Laminate Flooring

We offer the best services.

- 1st Class Royal Mail free sample delivery

- Next day Delivery available

- Expert Flooring idea 

- After-sales