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ukflooringcompanylfk 29 May 0 1960
Dive into 21 Types of Wooden Flooring in the UK with UK FLOORING COMPANYFew things in interior design bring warmth and elegance to a space, like wooden flooring. As the UK's #1 fast-growing online flo..
10 Jun 5 14171
How do I choose the best flooring for my house?   SPC Flooring, Engineered Wood, Solid Wood Flooring ComparisonThere are not a few people who choose to lay wooden floors at home. Everyone chooses wood..
10 Jun 1 14229
SPC VS WPC Luxury Vinyl FlooringWhile searching for the perfect vinyl flooring, you’ve probably come across the terms SPC and WPC. Wanting to learn the differences and compare SPC vs WPC vinyl? You’re..
27 Apr 2 14239
How to install Wood Flooring on Underfloor HeatingThe sub floor surface temperature may never exceed 27°C. Electrical radiant sub floor heating systems installed as foil-heating element may be used on..
26 Apr 4 16007
How to installatlion Laminate Click FlooringFor Urban 8mm and 12mm Laminate FlooringA) Before InstallationTemperature and humidity conditions of the floor and areas where laminate flooring is to be in..
22 Apr 8 19081
How to install Click Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring? A Complete GuideIn some circumstances, you or your installer may prefer to use a full-spread adhesive, but it's not required. Some collection ins..
02 Dec 4 16347
How to measure room for wood/Laminate/LVT flooring?Are you planning to give your home a DIY flooring? Or just excited about renovating your new home?It’s important to know the cost of a new floor and ..
02 Dec 13 21790
5 different types of flooring materials to consider for your home– the pros and cons                                          The pros and cons When it comes to hardwood ..
02 Dec 9 24078
7 Best Finish for Engineered Wood Flooring  When you choose your engineered flooring, there are some different options when it comes to finishing your flooring. Each style of finish brings its visual ..
02 Dec 76 33139
Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and unique product of nature, which is characterized by distinctive variations in grain and colors. These natural variations in color and grain are not flaws but are a..
02 Dec 2 16174
Required Tools For proper Installtaion Power Tools (Optional)•  Table Saw, Electric Miter Saw, Band Saw, Chop Saw, Power Jamb Saw, or Jig Saw Hand Tools (Optional)•  Broom and dust pan or Vacuum•  Tap..
02 Dec 4 16067
What Is The Best Thing To Use To Clean Hardwood Floors?Like everything else in your home, it's best to clean hardwood floors well and often. Following a few simple maintenance steps, will help protect..
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