How do I choose the best flooring
for my house?  

SPC Flooring, Engineered Wood, Solid Wood Flooring Comparison

There are not a few people who choose to lay wooden floors at home. Everyone chooses wooden floors for different reasons. Some people choose wooden floors because they like the beauty and foot feel of wooden floors, and many people choose wooden floors for safety reasons.
In order to respond to various needs, the market for wooden floors has developed many types of materials.

First of all, I will help you solve a myth  "Is the more expensive the wooden floor, the better?"

The answer is basically no. No matter what kind of wooden floor it is, it must have its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a wooden floor, you should choose the most suitable floor according to your needs, which is the right way. .

But with the dazzling wood floor products, how do you find the Mr.Right that is right for you?

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, there is no shortage of "wood-effect" plastic floors and tiles. In order to facilitate your comparison, today will include the future "wood-like floors" for explanation, and organize them for everyone. a bit 

The advantages and disadvantages of various types of wood floors!

First of all, let us use the wood effect flooring comparison table to make a simple distinction.

The wood effect wood floor generally has the advantage of being cheaper than the solid wood floor, and the stability when used is higher. Although it also has the disadvantage of being hard to the touch, it also has the advantages of being cheap and easy to clean. A good choice after wood floors.

Comparison table of wood effect flooring

typewood effect (without any wood content)
nameVinyl flooringLVT Flooringwood effect brick
materialplasticplastic and stone ceramics
Trait comparison Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
 Diverse styles
 Wet mopping
Wear grade
(Note 1)
not wear-resistantAC3- AC4Highest
Fire resistance
(Note 2)
Fire resistance
(level 3)
Fire resistance
(level 3)
(level 1)
low <========> high
Note 1: AC is the wear-resistant grade of the European EN standard, the higher the number, the more wear-resistant it is.
Note 2: Fire-resistant materials can be divided into three categories: non-combustible (first-class) > refractory (second-class) > flame-resistant (third-class). First-class fire resistance is the strongest, third-class only has limited combustion and is easy to extinguish.

Vinyl flooring

It has the advantages of low operating threshold, diverse designs and low prices, and is especially suitable for renters or rooms that are used less frequently to make simple layouts.

Advantages of vinyl floor:

1. Diverse styles
2. The price is cheap and the threshold for replacement is low
3. Suitable for DIY
4. There will be no pests

Disadvantages of plastic floor:

1. Not wear-resistant
2. The adhesive is generally not waterproof

3. Only on very smooth floors
The laying of soft plastic floors is very simple, and DIY laying by ordinary people is also OK;

SPC flooring

With the progress of the times, the technology of SPC flooring has become more and more sophisticated in recent years; SPC flooring is a plastic fusion process with stone powder, and its hardness is higher than that of ordinary plastics. There are also many people choose.

Advantages of SPC flooring:

1. Easy to clean
2. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
3. Diverse styles
4. High stability
5. There will be no pests

Disadvantages of SPC flooring:

1. The touch is hard
2. Slightly cooler than wooden floors
3. The side is sharp and easy to hurt people (be sure to close the edge when laying)
4. Some SPCs that need backing are more afraid of water (Snap-On SPCs do not have this problem)

Good quality SPC has a look and feel that is very close to wooden floors;

The SPC material is hard, so it is necessary to close the edges when laying, so as not to be injured by accidental touch;

Wood effect brick

The warm wood grain can provide a visual warming effect in the space, but in the island climate of UK, it is very expensive to choose building materials such as cypress and teak with high water resistance. Wood grain pattern tiles to meet the diversified consumer market.
Although its hardness is higher than that of SPC, under the coating of mud glue, the tiles generally do not have the problem of exposed edges and corners, so the problem of scratching is lower than that of SPC.

Advantages of wood grain bricks:

1. Easy to clean                   有些木紋磚還擁有止滑的功能,尤其鋪在浴室再適合不過了;
2. The most wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
3. Can withstand the highest temperature change
5. There will be no pests
6. Zero formaldehyde

Disadvantages of wood grain brick:

1. The touch is very hard
2. Cold to the touch
3. The most expensive imitation wood floor

 Next let's take a look at the wood floor comparison.

Although pure solid wood floors have many advantages such as humidity regulation, natural fragrance, and good touch, they also have disadvantages such as difficult maintenance, high price, and fewer styles. In recent years, in order to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood floors, manufacturers have also developed  super wear-resistant laminate flooring ; this type of floor is also due to the high pressure and high temperature of the manufacturing process, and the eggs attached to the wood are almost killed. layer, so the chance of pest damage is much lower than that of solid wood.
If you like wooden floors, but worry about maintenance, pets or children at home, you may wish to consider the ultra-resistant series of laminate flooring.

Solid wood flooring comparison table

typewood (with wood component)
name         Laminate                         (Super wear-resistant floor)Engineered wood Solid wood
Construction method
Floating, Nailed or Glued Down*
Floating, Nailed or Glued Down*
Feature comparison Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant ✓ 

 Diverse styles ✓ 
 low pest ✓    
 Warm touch   ✓ 
 natural aroma   ✓
Wear grade
(Note 1)
AC3- AC6
Fire resistance
(Note 2)
Fire resistance
(level 3)
low <========> high

Note 3: The EU is divided into E1>E2>E3 for formaldehyde emission levels, the lower the value, the lower the content

Laminate flooring:

Although the wood grain is beautiful and good-looking, it can bring people a sense of comfort, but it has the disadvantages of being difficult to maintain and not wear-resistant. The super wear-resistant floor has the highest wear-resistant level among wooden floors!

It is suitable for people with children, pets, and even commercial spaces at home!

Advantages of laminate flooring:

1. Easy to clean
2. Diverse styles
3. Surface wear-resistant layer is flame-resistant
5. The price of the floor containing solid wood is more affordable

Disadvantages of super wear-resistant wood floors:

1. Compared with solid wood floors, the touch is not as soft as solid wood floors.
2. Compared with solid wood floors, the texture is not as natural as solid wood floors

Engineered wood flooring

Although the solid wood material is not very scratch-resistant, it has excellent humidity regulation. 

Engineered wood flooring is made of multi-layer wooden boards and has the characteristics of solid wood, but the price is relatively cheap. In recent years, many people who prefer wood floors have chosen them.

Advantages of engineered wood flooring:

The island type is made of multi-layer wooden boards, and the multi-layer texture can be clearly seen from the side;

1. With solid wood texture
2. Good humidity regulation

Disadvantages of engineered wood flooring:

1. There may be pests
2. Less wear-resistant

Solid wood flooring

It is processed from a whole piece of wood, rich in natural wood fragrance, natural texture and excellent touch, and also has the advantages of adjustable temperature and humidity. Although it is not easy to maintain, it is not wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, it still does not reduce its charm.

Advantages of solid wood floors:Pure natural fragrance and excellent touch are the irreplaceable advantages of solid wood furniture;

1. Good humidity regulation
2. The best touch,
3. Has a natural aroma
4. Can be planed and repaired

Disadvantages of solid wood floors:

1. Less wear-resistant
2. Not easy to clean and maintain
3. The price is high
4. There may be insect infestations

The main points of purchasing wood floor

Different groups will also have restrictions on the purchase of floors. Generally speaking, in the absence of children or pets,

Generally, only AC3-AC4 is needed for the wear-resistant grade of home

, but if there are children or pets , considering their mobility, it is recommended to choose floors above AC4, which will be more durable . If there is a need for wheelchairs or assistive devices at home, the wear resistance of the floor must also be strengthened to avoid potential crises such as foot injury or falls caused by floor scratches.

or to For commercial grades , in order to cope with the entry and exit of all kinds of people, it is recommended to use the grades above AC5 to meet the needs.

GroupApplicable gradesuitable for floor
singlesAC3-AC4Vinyl floor, SPC , wood effect tile, engineered wood, Laminate, solid wood
pet familyAC4 and aboveSPC , wood effect tile, engineered wood, Laminate, solid wood
home with childrenAC4 and aboveSPC , wood effect tile, engineered wood, Laminate, solid wood
people with reduced mobilityAC4 and aboveSPC , wood effect tile, engineered wood, Laminate, solid wood
Hotel/OfficeAbove AC5SPC , wood effect tile, 
hypermarketAbove AC5SPC , wood effect tile, 
Auditorium / Dance ClassroomAbove AC5SPC , wood effect tile, 

How to choose wood floor - pet and wood floorHow to choose wooden floor - children play on the floor

▲Because the sharp claws of pets and the toys of children may scratch the wooden floor, it is necessary to purchase the wooden floor at least with a grade of AC4 or above.

Whether it is an imitation wood floor or a floor containing solid wood, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing, you should learn more about its product characteristics, and make purchases according to your own lifestyle and budget, so that you can choose the one that truly suits you. The wooden floor of the house!

If you still have no clue after reading the above introduction, you might as well tell us your needs, maybe you can find the "ideal floor" in your mind

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