How to measure room for wood/Laminate/LVT flooring?

Are you planning to give your home a DIY flooring? Or just excited about renovating your new home?

It’s important to know the cost of a new floor and how much you spend on them. Here are some examples that might help you when you measure your room.

Example1: If your room is a rectangle, just simply multiply the length and width together.

Example2: If your room isn’t rectangular, we recommend splitting it into rectangular, then multiply the length and width of each rectangular.

For all other sizes of your room:
--Bay windows, fireplaces, wall supports, and other indentations or recesses can distort the shape of the room and flooring will need to be cut to fit around them.

Measure the length of the straight parts of the walls, then measure the length of the indentation or recess. Add them together for the total length. (See image below)


--Landing: The easiest way to do it is to split it down into a couple of different spaces.

Calculate the areas of each of these different sections and then add them together to find the total area (See image below)


  Here is what you need to do with measuring your stairs:

-Measure the length and width of the tread - the top of the step – and multiply to get the area

-Measure the length & depth of the riser - the front of the step – and multiple to get the area

-Add together to get the area per step

-Multiply the area step by the number of steps, excluding the top step which will be covered by the landing flooring



What is the wastage of Flooring?

We would recommand you add 5-10% sqm when purchasing flooring, especially for Herringbone and Chevron Flooring. When install flooring on a irregular floor plan, unexpected flooring waste is unavoidable.

How many packs of flooring do I need?

Don't worry, you will find a calculator that on each of your products pages that will help you to calculate the number of packs required to fit your room.

How many square feet is a box of flooring? (Lamiante, Luxury vinyl, Wood Flooring)

A box of flooring usually covers 1-3 squere metres; however, if you'd want to determine the number of boxes in square feet you'll need to fill your space in product page, then use the formula (1sqm=10.7639sqft).

How much does a box of Lamiante flooring cost?

We have 8mm thickness and 12mm thicckness Laminate flooring, Please  click here to the product page for more details.