How to install Click Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring? A Complete Guide

In some circumstances, you or your installer may prefer to use a full-spread adhesive, but it's not required. Some collection instructions may also recommend adhesive if expansion due to high sunlight exposure is a risk.
All of our Rigid Core Flooring products feature a "floating floor" structure, meaning that instead of gluing or nailing the boards down, you will lock them together – side to side, end to end – creating a surface that 'floats' atop the subfloor.

Installing your Aquacore Flooring:

Step 1 - Establish Stagger & Align

Products should be staggered in bricklaid pattern, stagger equal to half of a plank.

Tools needed: Planks, underlayment, spacers, rubber mallet, cutter.

Step 2 - Prepare Floor 

In case of an uneven floor, place underlayment, Set spacers of equal thickness, appropriately disanced, for the required expansion gap.

Step 3 - Install 1st Plank      

It is very important that the first row is installed straightly.

To realise this, installation alternates back and forth between rows one and two, for the first two rows only.

Start with a small plank (1) and posi- tion this plank close to the wall.

Step 4 - Install 2nd Plank

Now select a long plank (2). Using the Click4U angle system, angle the long side of plank 2 on to the long side of plank 1.

Drop plank 2 to lock. Make sure there are no gaps.

Step 5 - Engage 3rd Plank on Long side

Take another long plank (3). Repeating the previous step, insert the long side of plank 3 into the long side of plank 2.

Then slide plank 3 to your left until the short side is in contact with the short side of plank 1.

Step 6 - Engage 3rd Plank on Short Side (Part 1)

Using the 3L TripleLock one piece drop-lock system, drop the short side of plank 3 onto the short side of plank 1.

Step 7 - Engage 3rd Plank on Short Side(Part2)

Using a rubber mallet slightly tap the joints on the short side to secure. This ensures 3x locking.

Step 8 - Finish Rows 1 & 2

Continue alternating planks on rows 1 and 2 to avoid misalignment. From row 3 onwards, installation does not require alternating rows.

Install one row after the other by starting with angling on the long side, sliding until the short sides are in contact and then locking the short side.

Step 9 - Securing Planks  

As you go, don’t forget to use a rubber mallet on the short sides to secure the locking.

Step 10 - Finialise Floor

Finished? Remove spacers and cover gaps with a trim.

Dissassembling your Aquacore Flooring:

Step 1 - Dissembling The Long Side

Lift up the entire row in the same angle as you did during installa- tion, then slide the rows apart.

Step 2 - Disassembling the Short Side

Disassemble the row by sliding apart the planks on the short side.