7 Best Finish for Engineered Wood Flooring

  When you choose your engineered flooring, there are some different options when it comes to finishing your flooring. Each style of finish brings its visual appearance to the wood, as well as slightly different levels of protection.

1. Oiled- Oiled finish oak floor accentuates the natural wood grain and provides a natural matt look which gains more character and elegant feeling when it ages. An oiled floor never needs to be sanded – only regular applications of a maintenance oil are necessary to nourish the wood and bring the luster back. 
2. Lacquered- The lacquered engineered flooring finish provides a glossy, smooth look on the top of the wood. It’s also applied to a wood floor as a way of protecting the floor. Because of the glossy polished finish, the lacquered finish will reflect the light in your room, making it seem brighter and more spacious. In addition, lacquer is more protective from sunlight than oiled floors.

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3. Brushed- A brushed floor is one where the planks have been brushed with a steel comb before being installed. This highlights the natural beauty of the grain and creates a beautiful, textured appearance on your new floor. Brushed wood gives a pleasant tactile sensation. When brushing a hard wire brush is used for removing the softer wood fibers from the wood. That way, the harder wood fibers that remain are emphasized. This can be done by hand but is usually done by machine.

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4. UV Lacquered-If a wood is UV lacquered, the lacquer will have been exposed to high-capacity UV lights. This gives the wood added protection and a slightly silky finish the wood

5. UV Oiled- If a plank of wood is UV Oiled, it has been exposed to high-capacity UV lights which cure the oil quickly. This gives a slightly silky finish to the wood and can help to disguise any imperfections caused by wear and tear. An oiled floor is slightly less durable than a lacquered floor but is easier to repair when it has suffered wear and tear, A UV oiled floor combines the advantages of a lacquered floor and an oiled floor as well adding extra protection from UV rays.

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6. Hand Scraped- If you love the look and feel of hardwood flooring, but you’re looking for something a little bit rustic or different, then hand scraped flooring might be the ideal flooring for you. Hand-scraped flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that has an extra definition and texture added to the surface. This type of wood flooring, as the name suggests is wood flooring that has been made to look old, somewhat distressed, and worn.  Hand-scraped hardwood flooring perfectly matches antique furniture and provides a unique appearance to every room.

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7. Smoked- Fuming, or smoking is a wood finishing process that is used to make wooden floors darker and stress the grain pattern. The smoking process gives the floor a varied range of complementary tones which give a unique finish and unlimited design options, as no two boards will be the same colour. This special treatment creates hard-wearing wood with an aged and classy look.

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8. Unfinished- An unfinished hardwood floor is simply raw material. The beauty of unfinished hardwood flooring is that it provides a huge range of colour and style options, meaning that you can achieve a unique look by choosing different combinations of wood species, plank size, stain, and a finish of either an oil or a lacquer. If you are a DIY lover, Unfinished wood is the best for you.

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These finishes above are the most popular in the UK, however, we have more than that. Let's check our unique and stylish finishes below:

  1. Invisible finish - The term "invisible oiled/lacquered flooring" refers to flooring that has been oiled or lacquered but does not appear to be oiled/lacquered.  This is a great option for those people who want the function benefits of an oiled/lacquered but not the look.
  1. Distressed - Distressed flooring is a type of flooring that has been distressed in order to add character and replicate an old, worn look. Distressed boards typically have a textured finish to highlight the grain of the wood.
  1. White Washed - White washed engineered wood flooring is a popular choice because of the natural character it exudes. Our White Washed engineered wood flooring is thoroughly brushed before being bathed in a stunning white stain, which adds impeccable colour and detail to a highly sturdy and durable wood flooring product.